The Dangerous Job of Protecting the Environment in the World

If you are an environment defender then you will relate to this article. Being a climate activist is not an easy task, there are risks involved. To the normal people, it would look like more of social media image building and doing nothing, but it’s an arduous job for the ones who do fieldwork like mass tree plantation drives; cleaning drives along with digital activism.

Also for one’s making their mark and proving a valid point for a right cause and better earth, it’s appreciable to keep up the much-needed momentum. The long-sighted activism to preserve the natural ecosystems and forests against mining, agribusiness, hydropower plants, road construction etc.

The activists carry out environmental campaigns, raising voices and leading the people on climate change and environmental degradation for collective global action. Sometimes in a few countries, it becomes a dangerous job to be an environmental crusader.

This kind of activism is integral considering the “not so positive” several reports doing the rounds by reputed organizations about various environmental parameters. The new data coming for planet health are scary and need immediate attention and action.

The future of the planet seems to be in danger and most of the inhabitants are still lacking awareness and concern. Political approach inclined towards commercialization leaves little space for nature. It seems to be the last priority in this economical race of countries.

There are very few countries which are giving required preference to retain and increase forest covers or are actively taking measures to combat all kinds of pollution at all levels. The conservation of ecologically sensitive zones for keeping the biodiversity decrease at bay is important too. The policymakers and the governments have the biggest say and role to stop or smartly minimize the development which harms nature.

Norvergence:  Several heart-rendering stories around the globe have even lost their lives for the purpose. The activists are threatened and harassed for protecting the environment in the community where they live. Social media disgrace and trolling are also common nowadays. There are climate change deniers who would go to any length to argue that climate change is a hoax.

Then there are politically backed up agendas that fuels a row against the environmentalists approach. The environmental defenders are stopped from their work in several cases. According to a Global Witness watchdog survey, 212 environmental campaigners were murdered worldwide in 2019 making last year the deadliest on record. Columbia, Mexico, Philippines, Brazil Honduras have been mentioned as the top five countries where the environmental defenders were killed. Other incidents include harm to environmental defenders, including death threats, arrests, sexual assault and aggressive legal attacks. Lack of proof and prosecution mostly let go the culprits free.

The activists have to sometimes go through police battering and repression of peaceful protests. In India, even the nine-year-old climate activist Licypriya Kangujam and 12-year-old Aarav Seth was briefly detained by police authorities when they were peacefully demonstrating near Parliament House against rising air pollution in October 2020.

Note that Delhi has been having the dangerous air pollution levels and the governments are not taking enough steps to minimize the damage. The point of doing protests is to create a livable world that is sustainable and healthy. What wrong is in raising your voice for a well worthy cause?

The Dangerous Job of Protecting the Environment in the World 1

The community of environmentalists all over the world is strong and they show solidarity to each other. However, sometimes few of them are blamed for radicalism and political influence. The immense work that these warriors put in for the benefit of humanity is sometimes undermined too. There are many NGO’s which have been working day and night to significantly contribute to the well-being of humanity and earth.

These NGO’s are mainly bringing together like-minded people to work for green and sustainable solutions. Few raise valid concerns to restore encroachment and urban development. Do we need such people and organizations? Yes, if intentions are right, we need environment defenders. We cannot do without them.

As they say, there’s no planet B and the time is running. If we don’t act now we will face mass extinction. They have accepted the facts, and they are working tediously to fix the earth for future generations.

The awareness that they create is of the highest importance. Humans need clean water, food, and air to live, compromising on the quality of any of the life’s supporting systems can create havoc on our bodies, and also to biodiversity.

The changes in the climate are visible more than ever, every day we are losing species rapidly, although we mourn for our fellow humans, we don’t mourn for these species generally. Environmental defenders highlight the issues which may not gain any attention otherwise.

The people who inhabit the areas who directly bear the brunt of development are mostly up and against the developmental moves by the government or corporates. The indigenous tribes have been protecting their natural reserves since ages and have inspired the climate activists ever since. Many locals and tribes have played an important role in saving the precious lands. Some have even lost their lives in the process.

For example, the world’s first anti-dam protest happened in India at Mulshi, near Pune in state Maharashtra. The protest happened back in as early as 1921 against the construction of the Mulshi dam by TATA with government support. Till date, the dam and the nearby area has not been nationalized. As a marker of the transition from an agrarian to an industrialized society, the Mulshi Satyagraha anticipated many of the modern protest movements like Narmada Bachao Andolan and many more.

So for those who think Environmental Activism is a fairly new age idea, it’s perhaps not. The activist is voicing their concerns and putting in efforts with all the risks attached and it’s a commendable job that they are doing.

Norvergence LLC: United Nations Environmental Environment Programme (UNEP) and other several related organizations are working tirelessly to address the threat to aquatic resources posed by human economic activity; deforestation, desertification, and drought.

Also, it highlights the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer by human-produced chemicals and global warming. Many people are still not aware of the impacts of environmental degradation and environmental defenders and climate activists are bringing the issues to the forefront to save the planet and encourage world for corrective actions and approach.