Norvergence Foundation INC 一 How Science-Based Target Initiatives aim to streamline Net-Zero for Companies

Norvergence: Science-Based Targets initiatives or SBTi were introduced just before the COP26. Based on collaborative research by experts across industries, these guidelines keep science at the heart of measuring.  In this article, read more about the SBTi and its significance.  The Read More

Norvergence Foundation INC: The Unprecedented Warming of Arctic Ocean

The Arctic is warming twice as quick as the remainder of the world,   Norvergence: Researchers have since quite a while ago anticipated that ocean level ascent would be one of the most deplorable results of a dangerous atmospheric deviation, and Read More

Norvergence Foundation INC: When did we receive the first warning regarding climate change?

Norvergence- Environmental change warnings are coming thick and quick from researchers; thousands have marked a paper expressing that overlooking environmental change would yield “untold torment” for humanity, and over close to 100% of logical papers concur that people are the Read More

Norvergence Foundation INC: Sustainable Fashion – The way forward

Norvergence: The fashion industry collectively emits about four to ten percent of total carbon emissions.  Moreover, according to UNECE 2018, 85% of all garments go into the dump each year, causing pollution. Washing some type of garments is responsible for releasing microplastics Read More