Source: The Seattle Times

Norvergence: Crime Against Nature Shouldn’t be treated as just an “Add-on”

A Seattle-based company violated environmental laws by using a hidden drain to dump a highly-corrosive chemical solution into the sewer system of the city.

A sensitive sewer flow meter rang a warning bell in the minds of police officers. Then, they sent a camera-mounted robot into the sewer system to investigate the matter.

A white strain was found in the sewer.

Officers then installed a pair of probes to record the change in the pH of wastewater and in March, they came to know about the spike in the pH.

When team Norvergence further analyzed the 36-count grand jury indictment, the following observations are recorded.

Both the owner (Louie Sanft & John Sanft) and its plant manager used the hidden drain to dump a corrosive solution of chemicals into public sewers, then lied to regulators about the practice and conspired to cover up their activities.

Louie Sanft’s lawyer, Angelo Calfo explained his client’s side:

“Louie had no motive to do this. Company practice and policy was to have the tank water boiled down and evaporated. Any sludge from the tank would be transported for proper disposal. This case is about a former employee who cut corners for his gain.” 

Norvergence appeals to the US court and police department that no matter what give hard-to –hard punishment to culprits.