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Norvergence Newark NJ: Everything you need to know about

At the end of 2019, Norvergence LLC had announced the launch of the most-effective jute bags in the United States of America. The testing phase in New Jersey has been completed successfully.

To provide a big boost to this initiative, the management of Norvergence has decided to launch a new branch in Newark, New Jersey under the name of “Norvergence Newark NJ”.

Let’s read more about it:

Norvergence Newark NJ is a non-profit entity independent of governmental influence and its activities include, but are not limited to, environmental, social, advocacy and human rights work.

Norvergence Newark NJ is also working to promote social or political change on a broad scale and plays a critical part in promoting citizen citizenship, improving communities, and developing society.

How Norvergence Newark NJ works?

To understand the working of Norvergence Newark NJ, we divide its work into the following categories:

Norvergence Newark NJ as an Environmental Organization

The NGO focuses on environmental causes like forest preservation, climate change, ground pollution, wildlife protection, air quality, population control, waste management, habitat conservation, and sustainable business.

Source: Legacy International
  • We fight for the preservation of land and forest as well as clean air and water.
  • We strive to preserve natural habitats for birds
  • We run marketing campaigns to convince multinational corporations to stop business practices that affect the environment

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Norvergence Newark NJ as an Education-related Organization

If you want to teach students or other volunteers about environmental issues, your first stop should be Norvergence Newark NJ.

Norvergence Newark NJ as an Education-related Organization

The organization has provided training for volunteers to educate the general public about the environment in non-formal settings, schools, universities, corporations, and K-12 classrooms.

  • Norvergence Newark NJ focuses on environmental education and covers topics such as marine life, endangered species, air quality, climate change, energy, transportation, forestry, sustainable development, solid waste, and water quality.

  • Norvergence Newark NJ publishes newsletters, forum papers and population fact sheets to educate the public.

Norvergence Newark NJ as a Global warming organization

The organization advocates for laws to reduce CO2 emissions and also generates international support to reduce greenhouse gases across the globe.

Norvergence Newark NJ as a Global warming organization
Source: Global Environment Facility
  • The team at Norvergence Newark NJ gives regular briefings, analysis, and recommendations on ways that can help to curb greenhouse gases.
  • Executives at Norvergence hold meetings that bring together the world’s top banks, energy companies, and automotive manufacturers on the round table to discuss sustainable technology that can help to reduce global warming.

Norvergence Newark NJ as a Human Rights Organization

Norvergence investigates and reports on abuses of human rights around the world.

Norvergence Newark NJ as a Human Rights Organization
  • The core activities of Norvergence LLC are research, advocacy and lobbying, and campaigns and action.
  • Norvergence Newark NJ also works with governments, businesses, and armed groups, forcing them to change their policies and laws.
  • Apart from the United States, the organization is currently active in some of the most repressive regions in the world.

Norvergence Newark NJ Employees

Source: Huridocs

George Stacey (CEO & Author): With interests in society, history, biology, and politics, George Stacey would be the perfect author with whom we can discuss the challenges of today’s environmental issues.

James Smith (Branding cum Marketing Manager): He manages all the activities within the marketing department. He develops each marketing campaign from start to finish and handles social media, public relations efforts, and content marketing.

Jamie Simpson: She plans or conducts geological field studies to collect data on a particular site, such as soil types, rock structures, and groundwater flows.

Zhao Li: She studies the impact of human activity on the environment, and identifying ways to manage, minimize or eliminate any negative impacts.

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