George Stacey

George Stacey

Occupation: CEO & Author
Nationality: USA , New Jersey

George Stacey is an environmentalist, journalist, and writer at Norvergence LLC whose work stirred people up and helped launch a new age of environmental awareness across the globe especially in the United States of America.

Apart from Norvergence LLC, she writes frequently for a wide variety of publications across the world, including Nation of Change, Age of Awareness, ESI Africa, Enviro Nigeria, etc.

Content List


Norvergence: Disability-Inclusive Climate Change Policies

Norvergence: Environmental change impacts everybody in an unexpected way. It is characteristically out of line and shameful as the individuals who commonly contribute the least to worldwide ozone harming substance…

Norvergence LLC – Going Green to Save The Earth

Many individuals are interested in green power. Green energy use isn’t just preferred among young people; people from all professions are interested in it. Usually, this is since there are…

“Techtopia”, Toyota’s proposed Japanese Smart City

Environmentalists at Norvergence LLC have analyzed the recently announced project of Bjarke Ingles Group in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation. It’s called, “the Toyota Woven City” a sustainable smart city…