The team Norvergence is an NGO that is continuously putting in efforts towards environment protection and reducing the effects of climate change. The main focus of this NGO is to spread awareness about climate change and global warming. The members of the NGO believe that they need to come up with more sustainable ideas that can be shared with the world so that each one of you can contribute towards protecting the environment.

The other best method which team norvergence follows is interaction with people of all age groups and to know what climate change means to them and what they think can be done to reduce it. In this way, the team collects information related to the level of awareness among the society and sometimes these interactions become the medium to reach out to the areas affected by climate change or climatic issues that are still unknown.


Recently, the Norvergence team conducted interviews with tourists at different places around the world emphasizing on two major questions:

The volunteers were assigned a task to interview different people, especially tourists and record their views about climate change in their own country v/s the country they are currently in. Other questions like what do you do to contribute towards the sustainable word and what steps are taken by the government of your country were considered important information to be gathered.

The reason behind the interview session was to get new ideas about sustainable practices and share a few with the interviewee. The team was glad to know that each person interviewed was aware of climate change issues and were contributing their bit to make the world a sustainable one.

norvergence global

Activities like carrying a bag while traveling to dump the waste, carrying a shopping bag for shopping to avoid the plastic carry bags provided by the shopkeepers, promoting environmentally friendly agriculture methods, water harvesting, and preferring digital receipts from shopkeepers are some baby steps which were shared by the interviewees with the team.

Whereas the norvergence team shared their experience with the interviewees and also shared with them their reasons to join the NGO and why did they plan this interview activity to spread awareness.

The researchers at norvergence have brought in a new topic of interest for the team to feel motivated. After going through all the interviews recorded the researchers were proud to conclude that awareness activities were the most productive activity performed by the team.

Greta Thunberg, the environmental activist was another name that motivated the youth to plan better tomorrow by contributing today in creating a sustainable world.

Overall the interviews resulted in good quality of information and the team gather relevant data to work on the next project related to climate change. The norvergence team across different corners of the world listed down the climatic issues that they believe are important to be considered after the interview session. Some team members came up with ideas that can be implemented in day to day life of an individual so that we all can contribute towards sustainability.