The main aim of Norvergence is to aware every individual about what he can do at ground level to curb environmental pollution and other hazards. Norvergence curated a list of top 5 things that we all can do to save the planet.

Stop Eating Dairy Products and Meat

Stop Eating Dairy Products and Meat
Source: The List

Many of you don’t know that a dairy cow takes at least 66 percent of all crop calories. Further, after eating so much, cow releases gases (through farts) which account for 28 percent of all methane emissions.

On the other hand, either directly or indirectly red meat is accountable for greenhouse emissions which are around 40 times higher than vegetables or other grains.

Reduce the Use of Paper

Norvergence quotes a recent study that shows 40 percent of the world’s commercial timber is cut down for paper manufacturing. So, to save this endanger tree from extinction we should use as less paper as we can.

Use More Reusable Things

Many household items can be re-used for different purposes like old clothes can be turned into cushion covers, pots or jars can be used to store odds/ ends, etc.

Norvergence requests every individual to contribute in any way so that we can make our planet a better place to live.

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