Norvergence Phone System

Norvergence Phone System Technology

Through this web page, Norvergence wants to educate all of its readers regarding which phone system Norvergence uses for its services.

Norvergence Phone System uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Our NGO uses the most advanced system by far i.e. VOIP which easily allows two persons to communicate with each other even if they are in completely different countries. It is for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. 

VOIP Protocols include:

Jingle (peer-to-peer session control to XMPP).

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) (instant messaging, presence information, and contact list maintenance)

H.248, control protocol for media gateways across a converged internetwork

Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) (transport protocol for real-time audio and video data)

Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) (connection management for media gateways)

Norvergence Phone System: Regulatory and Legal Issues Across the World

United States: The Federal Communications Commission requires all interconnected VoIP service providers to comply with requirements. Operators are mandated to provide enhanced 911 service without special request.

Canada:  VoIP services operating in Canada are required to provide 911 emergency service.

Oman: It is illegal to provide or use unauthorized VoIP services and violations may be punished with fines of 50,000 Omani Rial (about 130,317 US dollars) and a two-year prison sentence.

UAE: It is illegal to provide or use unauthorized VoIP services. However, Skype is allowed.

India: In the interest of the Access Service Providers and International Long-Distance Operators the Internet telephony was permitted to the ISP with restrictions. In simple words, it is legal to use VoIP, but it is illegal to have VoIP gateways inside India.

List of NGOs in Northern America

Norvergence Phone System: Subcategories of VoIP Protocols

  • Authenticated Identity Body
  • Call Admission Control
  • Distributed Universal Number Discovery
  • H.248
  • H.323
  • Inter-Asterisk eXchange
  • Jingle (protocol)
  • Matrix (protocol)
  • Media Gateway Control Protocol
  • Media gateway control protocol architecture
  • Message Session Relay Protocol
  • MiNET
  • Network Voice Protocol
  • Network-based Call Signaling
  • Open Phone Abstraction Library
  • Open Settlement Protocol
  • Real-time Transport Protocol
  • RTP Control Protocol
  • RTP payload formats
  • Session Description Protocol
  • Session Initiation Protocol
  • Signaling Compression
  • Simple Gateway Control Protocol
  • SIP extensions for the IP Multimedia Subsystem
  • List of SIP response codes
  • SIP trunking
  • Skinny Call Control Protocol
  • Skype protocol
  • T.37
  • T.38
  • UNIStim
  • VoiceXML
  • WebRTC Gateway

Norvergence Phone System: VoIP Companies of the United States

  • Apptix
  • Avaya
  • Bandwidth (company)
  • BroadVoice
  • Broadvox Communications
  • Callision
  • Callware
  • Clearfly Communications
  • Clearwire
  • Comcast
  • Deltathree
  • Dialogic Corp
  • EarthLink
  • Flowroute
  • Free World Dialup
  • Grandstream Network
  • IConnectHere
  • InformaCast
  • Inphonex
  • IPKall
  • Jajah
  • Keku
  • Kerio Technologies
  • Lingo (VoIP Service operator)
  • MindSpring
  • Nextiva
  • Novanet
  • Cloud Communications Company
  • Obihai Technology
  • Ooma
  • PhoneGnome
  • Radvision
  • Skype
  • Snapvine
  • Speakeasy (ISP)
  • SunRocket
  • TalkFree
  • Tango (software)
  • Telesphere
  • Time Warner Cable
  • TouchWave
  • Troy Cablevision
  • NuWave Communications
  • Vivox
  • VocalTec
  • VoicePulse
  • Voiceserve
  • SimpleSignal
  • Vonage
  • Voxeet
  • Voxofon
  • Xfinity

The motive of Norvergence Phone System is only to provide information to the readers. 

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