Source - Vegan Magazine
Source - Vegan Magazine

Norvergence continuously supports people who take a stand against animal cruelty. In this blog post, environmentalists at Norvergence want to share a story of an Australian combat veteran Damien Mander.

After returning from Middle-East, Mander decided to devote his rest of life, defending wild animals from getting slaughters at the hands of poachers.

During his trip to Africa, he came to know about the illegal poaching of animals on the continent.

He said LADBible and Norvergence quotes:

After Iraq I was looking for the next adventure and [a trip to Africa] just seemed like it was going to be a six-month thing to do.

When I traveled around the continent, I was inspired by the work that the rangers were doing.

They have something really worthwhile fighting for giving up everything, being away from their family for so long each year defending the natural world.

Source - BBC
Source - BBC

I had just come from Iraq where we were looking after dotted lines on a map and resources in the ground and it made me reflect on who I was as a person.“

After this incident, Mander sold his property back home and started a project named, “International Anti Poaching Foundation and a ranger academy where he trained rangers to carry out poachers arrests and preserve crime scenes. 

Mander added: “Beyond the guns and ammo are the lessons I learned in Iraq that have really been the biggest benefit to what we do.

The ability to get the local population on the side, get the hearts and minds, that’s more important than anything else and it’s something that we completely failed in Iraq. We’re able to take those failures from Iraq and turn them into a positive.“

Source - Mind Unleashed
Source - Mind Unleashed

Because of Mander and his team efforts, there seen a 90 percent drop in rhino poaching activities in Kruger National Park and they successfully drove out poachers entirely.

Mander just like Norvergence appeal  to all the poachers, hoping to change their hearts:

“We are one of the millions of species on this planet but we’re the only one that determines what level of suffering and destruction is acceptable for all others.

We sit here talking about different species going extinct but the reality is if we don’t look after this one beautiful backyard we’ve been given it’s not the elephant or the rhino that’s going extinct; it’ll be us.

We need to decide if we want to be part of the future and if we do, we need to make changes.”