Don’t feel sad after reading the title, get up and take a stand in favor of environmentalists who are fighting for all of us. Norvergence, a social initiative taken by a group of environmentalists request all of you to show your support and ask the government why they are not been able to protect environmentalists?

Norvergence in its article reported that only in 2012, around 147 environmentalists were killed. The situation got worse in 2017 when almost 2017 environmentalists murdered.

The team Norvergence has highlighted a few incidents in the article mentioned below that clearly shows the struggle and suffering the environmentalists have gone through to protect the environment. The highlighted incidents are from areas near Latin America, Asia, and Russia.

  You can read the article published by Norvergence titled “Environmental Activists Being Killed Globally: Why are World Leaders still silent?” to know more about the environmental activists and there painful fight to protect the mother earth.