In November 2018, the US president Donald Trump doubted his own government report about climate change by saying, “I don’t believe in it.” Norvergence in this article tries to address some important points of climate change in the United States of America.

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Climate Change in the US: A Report by Norvergence

The United States of America experienced 2013 as its warmest year in history. This was expected, as in 2009 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had recorded many climatic changes in the country which were happened because of global warming. And this trend was being continued for years.

In 2013, the former US President Barack Obama introduced a detailed plan to achieve 17 percent carbon emissions cut by 2020. His focus was to promote natural gas production in the country. But what Norvergence found that in 2017, President Donald Trump quit Paris agreement and thus the US becomes the only country to do so.

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Norvergence also got access to a report published by the US Global Research Program which shows that climate change can kill thousands of people in the USA annually.