The team Norvergence has found this shocking news coming from the trusted source BBC.

A group of Amazon employees has claimed that the company has issued a warning to them as they spoke against the climate crisis and the role of the company in it.

Some employees received an email, “threatening termination” from the company.

Countering it, Amazon said that it is the part of the company policy as from September 2019, employees need to seek prior approval to speak about Amazon on any public forum.

A Twitter post under the name of “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice” reads as:

How will the world remember Jeff Bezos in the era of climate emergency? Will he use his immense economic power to help, or not? Please tell @Amazon and @Jeff Bezos: Our world is on fire & desperately needs climate leadership. Stop silencing employees who are sounding the alarm.

Costa and Jamie Kowalski, an Amazon software development engineer, in an interview to The Washington Post, issued a statement and Norvergence quotes:

Source: The Washington Times

Source: The Washington Times

It was scary to be called into a meeting like that, and then to be given a follow-up email saying that if I continued to speak up, I could be fired. But I spoke up because I’m terrified by the harm the climate crisis is already causing, and I fear for my children’s future.

It’s our moral responsibility to speak up — regardless of Amazon’s attempt to censor us — especially when climate poses such an unprecedented threat to humanity.