Climate change has now become a topic of concern due to its visible impact on the environment, human health, wildlife, and future generations. NGOs like Norvergence are trying to spread awareness based on proper research on issues related to climate change and its impacts.

Agriculture is another area of concern as the demand for crops has increased with an increase in the population and standard of living. Whereas on the other hand, human actions are continuously creating troubles like shortage of water, hindering the fertility of the land, increasing pesticide usage for agricultural activities.

The actual challenge is to secure food for the growing population in South Asia by the threats of climate change. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of people living in South Asia and is extremely vulnerable to climate change.

The visible climate change impacts on agriculture are:

  • Extreme temperature and precipitation can prevent crops from growing.
  • Dealing with drought has become a challenge in areas of South Asia where rising summer temperatures cause soils to become drier. Droughts are the reason for crop failure.
  • Change in crop and livestock viability
  • Increase in new pests, pathogens, and weed problems

Climate change has created never-ending issues for farmers to practice agriculture. The researchers at Novergence support the farmers in South Asia and asks the government to assist the farmers in adapting to climate change.

The article “Climate Change and South Asia’s Pending Food Crisis” highlights the expert’s advice and suggestions to deal with climate change and its effects on agriculture.