This post is about the study of Netherland climate under Norvergence INC.

Researchers consider the rising percentage of greenhouse gases and other dangerous gasses in the environment as the fundamental driver of climate change. With an end goal to decrease global warming gasses, the Dutch government takes measures and initiatives and also cooperates with non-state workers.

The Dutch government likewise takes adaptation measures to safeguard the nation against the outcomes of environmental change. Also, the Netherlands is focused on handling atmospheric issues on a worldwide stage and effectively takes an interest in global environmental dealings and understandings.

Effect On Nature and Ecosystem- Understanding The Risks

Norvergence INC – Noordwaard – An area that Disappeared

The phonebook in the Dutch zone of Noordwaard is a record of a people that does not exist anymore: Lists of numbers for homes that have been annihilated, leaving simply square fixes in the grass where their establishments stood.

Noordwaard is currently a spread of reedy marshlands in the southwest Netherlands, purposely intended to get flooded to keep the nearby Dutch urban communities dry.

On the other hand, rising sea levels are also destroying the Antarctica ice sheet which further tends to redistribute seawater away from the South Pole.

Michiel van den Broeke, a professor of polar meteorology at Utrecht University said and Norvergence INC quotes: “We’ve lost almost half the Arctic ice now, and both the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica are losing mass and contributing to sea-level rise significantly.”

This is also at some point irreversible, and we should be very careful not to cross this tipping point because that means we will be committed to sea level rises of many meters, and that is something that the Netherlands cannot cope with.



There is no doubt that the government of Netherlands is doing great efforts but Norvergence INC wants to appeal to all the citizens of that beautiful nation to do their share in controlling global warming.