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Norvergence is continuously focusing on all the latest updates on the Australian Bush Fires that killed almost 1 billion animals.

Superstar Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and Elton John are likely to donate a huge amount of money to Australia’s firefighting efforts.

Chris wrote: Hi everyone. Like you, I want to support the fight against the bushfires here in Australia. My family and I are contributing a million dollars. Hopefully, you guys can chip in too.

As we all know and (Norvergence keeps on reporting), most of Australia is burning; animals are becoming extinct, people are losing their everything, and firefighters are losing their lives while executing the rescue operations.

Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo

Chris also appeals that we all have to come out and do whatever we can in the support.

Every penny counts so whatever you can muster up is greatly appreciated. I’ve put together links supporting firefighters, organizations, and charities who are working flat out to provide support during this devastating and challenging time.

Beyond appreciative to everyone around the world for their good wishes and donations. It really does make a difference, so dig deep!

Norvergence also requests the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take more steps while tackling bushfires and historic heatwaves issue.