Norvergence is an NGO working with its volunteers all across the world to protect the environment and the lives on earth from the dangerous effects of climate change. Recently the team has started working on the health issues that are caused due to climatic change and global warming. Problems like mental illness and brain health were the main focus but the research shows a number of environmental elements that are causing health issues, especially among children and pregnant women.


The world is well aware of climate change issues and about the number of actions taken by the government, environments and the people across the world to protect the depleting environment and its species. Another alarming issue that is in the limelight and is directly connected to climate change is an increasing number of health problems caused by the changes occurring in the atmosphere.

The researchers at Norvergence said that there are many health issues that are caused by the changing environment. The atmosphere is getting hotter day by day making it difficult for everyone to adapt.

Below are some listed Climatic Change issues and the alarming health conduction:

  • As the atmosphere is getting hotter day by day due to global warming and frequent change in the climate people need to face exposure to extreme heat. This heat can lead to heatstroke, dehydration, cardiovascular, respiratory and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • The climate change is impacting the air quality too. Warmer temperatures and shifting weather patterns have contributed to the bad quality of air to breathe. The health issues like asthma attacks, heart, and lung diseases have been reported to be common among people living in areas with polluted air and other respiratory cardiovascular health effects are also reported.
  • Rising carbon dioxide levels and high temperatures also affect airborne allergens such as ragweed pollen.
  • Climate change is increasing the risk of contracting dengue, transmit malaria, Lyme disease, and West Nile virus transmitted by mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.
  • Climate change has shown a variety of impacts on food and might increase the risk of exposure to chemical contaminants in food.
  • As per experts, the one suffering from pre-existing mental illness has to take precautions as in such cases the risk of death during heat waves triples.
  • Higher temperatures and the depletion of the ozone layer has increased the risk of skin disease, especially skin cancer.
  • Digestive illnesses like gastrointestinal problems caused by contaminated drinking water due to extreme rains.
  • Extreme heat is also linked to aggression and violence forcing people to migrate.
  • Climate change effects are clearly visible on agriculture, wildlife, and marine life which directly or indirectly are connected with the health issues reported in humans.

The environmentalist at Norvergence says that it’s important to talk about the health issues that are caused by climate change to make people aware and alert about the circumstance they need to face in the future.