Norvergence Foundation INC – “Code Red” for Humanity: UN Climate Report Warns for Deadly Outcomes

We all have already known about global warming and its deadly impact on us.   According to the report distributed by the United Nations, “Code Red for Humanity”, – Earth’s environment is getting hot to such an extent that temperatures in Read More

Norvergence: Americans Are Finally Feeling the Impact of Climate Change

Norvergence: Possibly it’s the whole decade in a row of record-breaking temperatures, seeing ecological pulverization across the planet, or the numerous outrageous climate occasions that are all the while tormenting various pieces of the nation, yet Americans appear to at last Read More

Norvergence Foundation INC: Satellite Data May Have Underestimated Global Warming

Norvergence Foundation INC: Further research on climate-tracking satellites recommends that our measures have likely been depreciating the warming of the troposphere (the deepest region of the atmosphere) during the last four decades, which could symbolise the global warming that has Read More