Scientists and experts around the world are of the notion that the Madrid climate change conference that took place in December was a complete waste of time. However, the expert scientists at Norvergence LLC have argued strongly on the significance of the conference. Although the conference did not talk much about the catastrophic climate change conditions. It should be duly brought into notice that 2020 might be the last opportunity to bring drastic climatic changes under control and limit warming to1.5°C.

Maintaining an account of the climatic changes and the triggered events will do nothing to combat the current situation of climate change. This is the correct time to take action and work collectively towards protecting the environment. The recent incident of Australian bushfires projected that 46-million acres of land were destroyed, more than a billion mammals were injured, and approximately 2000 homes were destroyed as an outcome of the bushfires. The result of the events triggered by climatic changes would have been worse if authorities would not have worked proactively and devised a plan.

According to the scientists at Norvergence, now is not the time to sit and ponder about what has already been lost. To curb further damage, it is time to formulate plans and strategies and work towards safeguarding our habitat from drastic climatic conditions. Steps should be taken to acknowledge the fact that the year 2020 will be the most crucial year for taking steps towards preserving the environment and limiting warming to 1.5°C.

In conclusion, the experts at Norvergence LLC have suggested that this might be our only chance to save the environment and prevent the situation from worsening further. The year 2020 might be the last opportunity for everyone to curtail drastic weather conditions from taking place and make it a safer habitat.