Norvergence: Extreme seasonal changes, incessant rain and floods, never-ending forest fires, melting of glaciers, and desertification blame them all to climate change. Global warming is dreadful. Climate activists all over the world keep reminding us why we need to restore and protect what we are left with. Voices are being raised and several organizations are keenly working at global and national levels to create climate awareness. Scientists are constantly trying to offer solutions to the ongoing environmental problems. Research studies and reports have shown innumerable times, the data that is quite disturbing. Still, some people deny climate change is real.


The new documentary film “Kiss the Ground” is an answer to all the doubts of all climate change deniers. It reaffirms the stark reality of the planet earth’s ecological collapse in the coming years if the proper climate change reverse solution is not implemented worldwide without delay.  The film comes from the well-known author Joshua Tickell who wrote: “Kiss the Ground: How the Food you eat can reverse the Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World”. Joshua and Rebecca Tickell, Archuleta and Brown present this powerful piece with their pioneer experience and leadership in the regenerative agriculture movement. The film has appealing visuals combined with successful reverse desertification stories to watch for.

Kiss the Ground” sends out a clear message to humans, that solution to save earth from climate change lies in healing the soil. The film brings in the forefront the picture of how for our comforts we have exploited the earth for commercial agriculture with the excessive chemical-based farming. The microbes in soil keep holding the Carbon. A deficit of microbial activity in the soil releases excessive Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and increases global warming. There is an urgent need for topsoil restoration.

Norvergence: The depletion of microbes from the soil is a major cause of desertification. Can you imagine how to get rid of the 1000 gigaton legacy load of carbon?  Plants and microbes are a combination that we could look up to as a saviour to reverse global warming. Plants remove carbon dioxide from air and sequester that in soil with the help of microbes.

The increased atmospheric emissions due to other sources are also reduced by the help of plants and mindful agricultural techniques. Reviving natural farming methods minus the chemicals with multiple cropping ensures the good health of the soil.  It effectively decreases the carbon emission with a greener cover, thus minimizing the damage. The film also tells us cattle grazing, and the stoppage of land tilling will enormously benefit the soil health.

The fascinating film has intricately intertwined relevant timelines with history, detailed researches, world leader views, important actions and decisions taken in the matter. It talks about how politics affect the world’s intentions to work together for the planet’s health.  There are interesting as well as few disappointing decisions by the major agricultural world leaders which could have otherwise expedited the climate change reversal. Life on earth has seen too much of these changes, yet the biggest change may come within the next 60 years, warns the film. The coming 20 years mark the most crucial years of action, which aim at drawdown to cool the earth’s temperature, to help the earth act normally afterwards. These years of “soil climate harmony” will mostly decide the fate of Earth.

Norvergence: For people with science or even non-science background, it’s a comprehensive yet interesting watch. It will enhance your level of understanding in several ways. The major takeaway is “ The Soil is precious when it comes to fighting global warming”. If you are associated with some organization related to science and environment, it is a great idea to watch it in a group with a discussion session after the showtime. Youths need to watch it for a clear understanding of the concept of climate change associated with soil. The alternative approach of  “Regenerative Agriculture” will balance our climate, replenish our water bodies, tackle earth’s water and food shortage issues.

Norvergence: Experts, including Stéphane Le Foll, the French Minister of Agriculture; and Allan Savory, Founder of Holistic Management and celebrities such as supermodel and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Gisele Bündchen, her husband, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, and actors Patricia and David Arquette weigh in on the side of sustainable agriculture practices in the film. There are plenty of reasons small and big that have contributed to the current state of planet earth. But the core reason revolves around how irresponsibly we humans have handled our planet. Climate change has created havoc on Earth. The signs are clear and visible with each passing day. Soaring temperatures due to carbon emissions have created an ecological imbalance which is difficult to slow down. Slowing down climate change is plausible but fixing it completely needs collective efforts.


Norvergence: The film is currently streaming on Netflix and to get the insights of what, why and how we should care about soil, you have to see it. It’s a simple, easy, solution-oriented watch that will make you think about your existence. You will be apologetic yet thankful that you still have some time left to fix the outcomes for your future generations.

Organizations and policymakers need to upscale the efforts of fighting the food insecurity, desertification, global warming, deforestation and many more altogether. As we all know we are racing against time, speeches will not help earth much, but action towards greener earth definitely would. Take a deep breath, work for good, and yes don’t forget to “Kiss the Earth”.

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