Semine Hazar

Interview of Semine Hazar conducted by Norvergence Team

Semine Hazar

Introduction of Semine Hazar

Semine Hazar is a finance executive and artist.  She began training as an artist first at Yildiz Technical University’s art division with  Prof. Yiğit Aral, Prof. Ahmet Özol and then at world renowned painter Prof Teymur Ryzayev’s atelier.   She has attended several national and international art shows with paintings romantically depicting the sea and lighthouses.

Questions asked by Our Team to Semine Hazar

In 2017 I traveled to the Antarctic and first hand witness the melting of the ice and with a great sound crash in to the sea.  This brought tears to my eyes.  The light house in my painting marks the last inhabitable point in South America.  I imagined that soon we would be moving this light house to the Antarctic.

I have been interested in Climate Change for a long time, as the weather and environment have been markedly changing.  We are ruining the earth for future generations.  Climate Change It is hard to ignore.

The sea, lighthouse, and nature represent purity and solemness to me.  So I like capturing and expressing those feelings in my paintings.

I would like to meet Paul Cezanne and speak about his nature paintings.