Rana Balkis

Interview of Rana Balkis conducted by Norvergence Team

Rana Balkis

Introduction of Rana Balkis

Rana Balkış is an architect-painter. Rana is trained as a painter by World renown painter professor Teymur Rzayev. In her individualistic style, through colors and forms, Rana explores human nature by building awareness between consumerism and a sustainable way of living for all beings.

Questions asked by Our Team to Rana Balkis

The Coronavirus Pandemic affected the whole world.  Therefore it has got me pondering about how to adjust to, live with, and survive this illness which naturally impacted my feelings, thinking that is reflected in my paintings.

I came up with the idea for my painting “Not like Before” prior to the break of the Coronavirus pandemic, based on the signals from the earth.  I sensed the world was signaling that it is being negatively impacted by Climate Change and that we humans needed to acknowledge this and adjust our way of life.  By using the color blue I expressed this solemn feeling in my painting “Not like Before”.

Humans must be kind to and responsible for each other, animals and nature to sustain our existence. We cannot survive by constantly, selfishly abusing nature, animals and our environment.  The change in our world’s climate is a signal that is inviting us to become more aware of our impact on our environment and change our ways.  It is these messages I am articulating in my paintings to bring awareness.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn 

Coronavirus, Climate Change, are matters that need to be addressed so as an artist I will continue expressing these thoughts and feelings in my work, paintings.  

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