Oya Onat Gali

Interview of Oya Onat Gali conducted by Norvergence Team

Oya Onat Gali

Introduction of Oya Onat Gali

Oya Onat Gali is an architect and artist. She completed her University degree at Turkey’s leading art and architecture school Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts Faculty of Architecture. She actively continues her art career actively working with world renowned artist Prof. Teymur Rzayev at his Atelier and entering art shows.

Questions asked by Our Team to Oya Onat Gali

As an architect I learned how to design, compose and draw.  With time I wanted to integrate color and texture to my drawings and that desire naturally lead me to painting.  When one’s drawings transforms into a painting it reflects part of a person’s soul.   As I play the piano, I associate musical notes to colors too.  Through painting I am able to express the musical of my soul on a canvas. 

Climate change is caused by human’s damage to the environment which is hard to ignore.  Seeing the environmental damage gives me great concern.

Gustav Klimt, Jean-Baptiste Corot,J oan Miro, Amedeo Modigliani are among my favorite painters.

I would like to speak to Romero Britto. He his unique style, use of color, compositions stands out. 

The colors, the violent expression of nature in hurricane Irma triggered by Climate Change was an expression of the musical of my soul on a canvas.