Ilhan Sayin

Interview of Ilhan Sayin conducted by Norvergence Team


Introduction of Ilhan Sayin

İlhan Sayin is a financial advisor and Climate Change artist.  He studied graphic art during school and trained as a painter at world known painter Teymur  Ryzayev’ atelier.   

Questions asked by Our Team to Ilhan Sayin

I live in a house with a garden integrated with nature. Istanbul which is a city by the sea and Turkey is rich with natural beauty.  I love to travel fish often and be by the sea and walk in nature to be inspired to paint my paintings.

I love traveling, fishing and taking care of the plants and flowers in my garden.

The world is rich with natural beauty.  I would advise young artists to travel the world within their budgets and explore nature’s beauty as much as they can.

An artist by using their esthetic talent, intellect and emotions interprets and expresses their surroundings using their unique artistic language.

If traveling, gardening, fishing doesn’t do the trick to remove my artist’s block, I get on my computer, and explore different parts of the world, nature online. 

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