Hulya Sahin

Interview of Hulya Sahin conducted by Norvergence Team

Hulya Sahin

Introduction of Hulya Sahin

Hulya Sahin is an artist, writer, poet singer as well as a retired financial executive.  She trained as a painter with world renowned painter Teymur Rzayev at his Atelier.  She paints nature art as well as portraits in watercolors.

Questions asked by Our Team to Hulya Sahin

My definition of environmental art is one that provokes feelings and thoughts in people about the change of climate and the environment.  For example a painting of a unhappy child looking out the window of his house to an environment where the sky is grey, trees barren and dead, rivers dried up, birds flying confused by the change in their regular migration routes that has been altered by climate change.

Water colors, easel and a water cup.

I would like to meet Rukiye Garip ( as she has excellent technique in water color.

Nature’s excellent colors, shapes inspire me to no end.  I first photograph the subject of my paintings by traveling and going into nature.  And then paint my photographs and write poems about them.

I plant ever green, oak, fruit and walnut trees on a yearly basis.

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