Askin Akman

Interview of Askin Akman conducted by Norvergence Team

Republic of Azerbaijan

Introduction of Askin Akman

Askin Akman is a Mechanical Engineer and a Climate Change painter.  He trained in the studio of Azerbaijani State Artist, honorary member of Russian Art Academy Associate Prof. Teymur Rzayev and started his painting education at the Fine Arts Faculty of Yeditepe University in 2013.

Currently, he continues to work on his master’s thesis at the same university. He his latest solo exhibition at GaleriMiz Gallery (catalog of exhibition attached for your review) titled “Jute” is all about the forest.

Questions asked by Our Team to Askin Akman

Likely when I was born.  But I began expressing this desire to paint in elementary school when I began making paintings with a fountain pen.  Thankfully my mother and art teacher preserved my childhood ink drawings.  To this day, I am trying to recapture that expression of innocence in my work. 

As a child I was influenced by Max Ernst.  After completing my art education and while finding my own artistic expression/voice I was most influenced by  Paul Klee ve Willem de Kooning.

Every painting begins with a topic but a painting interprets that topic by making it visually desirable.  In my forest series, I took a forest, and expressed the bark of the trees, the vast sky, the encroaching desert via Climate Change via the human touch.  I want us to be aware that at all juncture of time we need to live in harmony with nature.  Therefore I use the tree as my starting point in my paintings to express the timeless life form, that connects us with the tree drawing in a cave  to the  tree of the unforeseen future. 

As history has shown, the desire to paint intensifies in times of distress, as one becomes more creative to express their thoughts and feelings.  In my humble opinion art should give people hope, a new point of view, a creative approach during these globally distressful times.