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Leasing environmental equipment can be a smart decision as reducing a large  upfront capital expense to a monthly payment makes good business sense. We, as science based pro climate proponents at Norvergence Foundation INC, are passionate about environmental testing equipment. 

Under our NGO, we favor leasing services that help cease the convergence of global warming with effects to the north pole – or as we call it Norvergence because we want Norvergence concerned leasing to provide companies/people better leasing equipment service, better environmental equipment, and all at a reasonable price. 

So whether you need to perform soil testing, test air quality, test water conditions, etc, think of the problems of Norvergence when leasing services and make sure  environmental equipment is properly maintained and calibrated.

Norvergence Foundation INC Leasing of Environmental Equipment Thoughts

The following are categories of discussion regarding north pole global warming converging with the use of carbon emitting equipment. This Norvergence Foundation INC as we call it of leasing information about what to consider in the leasing of environmental equipment  available or must  be looked at or thought  about.

Industrial Hygiene Equipment

The leasing of Industrial Hygiene (IH) and cleaning equipment such as auto ride-on floor scrubbers, industrial cleaning machines and carpet scrubbers can potentially be leased economically. However, do the cleaners and chemicals used and waste removed follow all EPA and DEP guidelines? Are they just the minimum OR are more stringent environmental controls to be used with the equipment you lease? Do they meet all standards?

As talked above, apart from the Industrial hygiene module, Norvergence recommendations for leasing services of Industrial hygiene equipment must be carefully debated.

Consider these things in industrial leasing:

  • How is industrial hygiene-related equipment Managed that requires periodic testing, calibration, and inspection?

  • How is industrial hygiene-related equipment tracked for all historical information regarding equipment usage , omissions, spills, clean ups , waste removal etc and consolidated for  all safety, environmental, and IH equipment record keeping together?

Water Quality

Are you looking to monitor different water quality parameters? Lease only  tested and trusted Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meters. Thanks to state-of-the-art functions and customizable features, Norvergence thought process recommendations on leasing services for such equipment can help you think about obtaining highly reliable water quality data and reporting in mind.

Soil Samplers: This equipment is commonly used for obtaining soil samples at or near the surface, or at also by digging holes. It is also used in environmental sampling and monitoring, geotechnical testing, and agricultural applications.

Any leased out soil samplers  available in the marketplace we believe must be environmentally sustainable and we suggest all stainless steel for EPA testing or carbon steel bits with stainless steel cylinders for general soil sampling and augering that meets all DEP and enviro standards.

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Value of Soil Sampling

Bobby Golden, Ph.D., assistant professor of plant and soil sciences at Mississippi State University said and Norvergence quotes:

“Soil sampling should be considered an integral part of every management plan since it impacts the way farmers will implement every other action on their crops.”

“Soil sampling doesn’t always mean that farmers should expect to have to build up a lot of nutrients in the soil.  Sometimes it can just mean a small addition or no addition at all, as long as you’re maintaining natural levels.”

Value of soil sampling

Air Quality

Norvergence recommends when Leasing equipment in this area , you  get access to the latest air monitoring technology and equipment, and ground and soil monitoring data about the equipment.

There are  a large variety of equipment that helps you to monitor these things including air quality.

Air Quality

Norvergence Foundation INC equipment recommendations for leases always puts the Enviro Safety, Carbon Footprint and Ramifications of leasing the wrong equipment first.

At Norvergence Foundation INC we care about the environment, and we care about your business too. Please  outfit your company with only the highest standard emission free and low enviro impact leased equipment . This is a priority advisement for Norvergence.