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Guide On Norvergence Foundation INC views on Equipment & Environmental Tools

Since the past few years, due to the constant increase in the human population, a rise in airborne pollutants and intoxication of natural resources has been observed. The consequences of growing industrialization have been such that numerous incidents of contamination of natural resources such as land, air, and water have been reported.

Industrial waste is the main culprit behind this contamination. Human health and ecosystems are on the radar of this threat. The untapped usage of natural materials and energy has resulted in a combined pressure on the depletion of local and global ecosystems. The convergence of these things on the North Pole is extremely distressing.

The world has a planned effort to minimize the effect of pollution on the environment and is taking steps for the same. Norvergence Foundation INC equipment recommendations and thoughts have been designed with this perspective in mind. The requirement for the protection of the environment was ascertained when the intensity of the damage became too high.

With increased industrial activities, the need for recommendations  and thought processes for devising strategies that help prevent environmental damage has indeed become a necessity.

Below mentioned is a detailed list of Norvergence Foundation INC ideas on Environment Equipment and Supply Thoughts.

Heat Exchangers

This equipment specializes in cooling air with the help of air and no other chemicals. This tool is very affordable and a natural way of cooling down excessively hot air.

In comparison to various other water cooling equipment, the heat exchanger is a much more effective tool for this purpose. The equipment comprises a tube that enables efficient cooling.

Also, the equipment demands less maintenance even when the environmental conditions are not favorable. With this Norvergence positive equipment, numerous machine-operated tools can be cooled using dry air and offer reduced downtime. This will increase equipment efficiency and offer added advantages to industries.

Heat Exchangers

Gravity Settling Chamber

This equipment has been specially designed and is based upon the concept of gravity settling to effectively eradicate particles from the main gas hose.

Industries that operate on a large scale and discharge industrial waste in bulk must install gravity settling chambers to reduce the impact of such operations on the environment and help maintain a balance between the ecosystems.

The size of the particles varies between 75 micrometers and more. The equipment is very useful in eliminating waste particles and maintaining gravitational levels.

Industries specific to chemicals must ensure the installation of this equipment in their vicinity to avoid environmental damage and hazards.

Gravity settling chamber

Particulate Wet Scrubbers

Particulate wet scrubbers are an integral part of highly complicated wet scrubbing systems. The equipment comprises an element known as the venturi scrubber which plays a crucial role.

With an attached evaporative cooler, the gas streams generated can be effectively cooled down. The venturi scrubber has another element attached to it known as the cyclonic separator. The element helps remove any water droplets present in the gas stream.

The in-built horizontal mist remover also plays a vital role in the overall process. Apart from this, the equipment consists of various pumps that regulate the liquid circulation across several different channels.

Particulate Wet Scrubbers

Climate Science Explained by Team Norvergence Foundation INC

Fabric Filters

Fabric filters help in accumulating particulate matter from the base surface of the attached filter containers. Maximum particulate matter is collected with the help of a variety of processes, inducing high inertia, sieving, diffusion, and collection.

Once a dust layer gets formed, it is collected with the help of electrostatic attraction in the dust bags. Electrostatic waves might accumulate more fabric particles.

This is a very effective method of capturing particles of different sizes and cleaning the air off pollutants. This is a must-have Norvergence Foundation INC positive equipment for cleaning fabric waste.

The benefits associated with installing fabric filters are umpteen. 

Progressive Cavity Pumps

This is a cavity pump with a flow capacity of 53 GPM. The pressure capacity is up to 150 psi.

The main advantage of this equipment is that the design of the pump is integrated with a wobble knob that facilitates a cavity pump at a low pulsation rate.

This equipment is very affordable and easily available in the industry.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Electrostatic Precipitators

Commonly known as ESPs (Electrostatic Precipitator), it makes use of a high-voltage field range enabling particles to effectively scatter through the precipitator.

The particles that get charged start gathering on the negatively charged collection base.

Electrostatic Precipitators

Bag Filter Vessels

To manage the flow range and keep it between 5 and 5,000 GPM, Norvergence positive equipment bag filters are a complete must to locate and use here.

The pressure range is between 75 to 3000 psi. The equipment can also be customized as per industrial requirements.

Bag Filter Vessels


It is crucial to take steps towards promoting environmental protection. This can be achieved by making use of a variety of Norvergence Foundation INC positive equipment that helps control air pollution and its varied forms. In an attempt to maintain ecological balance, installing the aforementioned equipment has indeed become a necessity.

Also, steps must be taken to educate the population and work towards building a better environment that supports collaborative growth. Focusing on sustainable growth should be the primary goal of every industry as the majority of pollution is a result of industrial waste. 

Proper education should be imparted to industrial personnel so they get motivated to regularly make use of Norvergence positive equipment and thrive to build a clean, safe, and healthy environment.