Whether it’s those melting glaciers or the forest fires that are caused by global warming, everything has been affected by the drastic change in climatic conditions these days.

Also, climate change has become a global concern as it deeply affects our ecosystem and ecology. But are we aware of its long term effect? Is it talked about very often? I guess the answer would be “no”. Apart from environmental organizations like Norvergence no one really has the time to discuss this serious matter. We are so occupied with our advanced technology; we don’t notice the effects of climate change.

climate change
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Our air conditioners are getting so advanced that we don’t care about the fluctuations happening in the climate. We humans haven’t realized that to create new models of production and consumption, we have exploited our environment to a great extent.

It is really important to understand the subject from both, objective and scientific point of view. The Earth has naturally warmed up and got colder. Such Cycles used to take millions of years and have always been much slower. But from about 200 years, the scenario is not the same.

There is a huge amount of fluctuations in the temperature and climate of the earth that too in a comparatively short period. We are slowly reaching the levels where such temperature change brought much extinction in the past. I guess this is enough to make you believe that Climate Change is a serious issue we’re talking about.

One of the biggest causes of climate change is Global warming which I guess is quite familiar with everyone. Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Expanding the term, the Greenhouse effect is a natural process by which the atmosphere retains some of the Sun’s heat, allowing the Earth to maintain the necessary conditions to host life.

Human activities are mainly responsible for maximizing the greenhouse effect which ultimately causes global warming to happen. So much heat is trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere, that earth’s temperature is breaking records.

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Human activities are not only a threat to the ecosystem but also themselves. The most compelling climate change evidence scientists have of climate change is a long term data relating to atmospheric CO2 levels and global temperature, sea level, the expanse of ice, the fossil record and the distribution of species.

It is the humans largely responsible for global warming and for the effect it is causing to human life. Today, the scenario is that we couldn’t stand in the sun even for a minute. Sunscreens are more essential than anything and scarves have become the new normal. Not only has this, raising temperature caused water scarcity in many places, ultimately resulting in droughts.

Farmers in the temperate zones are finding drier conditions difficult for crops such as corn and wheat to grow. Once prime growing zones are now threatened and it has become for farmers to grow staple crops there. The global agriculture scenario has shattered and led to reduced food security. Rising temperatures also favour agricultural pests, diseases and disease vectors. Diseases like asthma and cardiovascular are the result of air pollution whereas, mental health disturbance, cardiovascular fatal and heat-related illness and deaths are impacts of extremely hot weather conditions.

Children are also victims because of the malnutrition caused by food scarcity and diarrhoea. A large amount of UV rays from the sun causes sunburns and other skin related issues to the people.

Diseases like Malaria, Hantavirus, Dengue, Lyme disease, Rift valley fever are caused when the weather conditions are most extreme. Risk of disasters such as storms, cyclones, flooding, droughts, tornados and long-term increases in sea level has risen and is a serious matter of concern.

climate change
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Every individual has different adaptation capabilities. Factors such as gender, age, education, ethnicity, geography and language are responsible to determine whether a human is capable of adapting such climatic fluctuations or not.

It has caused humans to migrate and destroy habitats. So, climate change is a serious matter of concern. We need to understand that everything we do ultimately affects the environment. Norvergence believes that we can fight this through the application of small and large scale measures that help to slow down climate change.