Nearly 6000 cases of the disease have been reported in China since the spread of coronavirus, a mysterious yet deadly illness. Foreign governments have come forward and taken the initiative of airlifting citizens out of the “hot-zone” Wuhan, the prime location from the disease outbroke.

Scientists at Norvergence LLC report that approximately 240 American citizens were evacuated from Wuhan, the base capital from where this deadly illness spread. The passengers that included business executives, diplomats, and tourists underwent a full medical examination to detect any potential signs and symptoms. Since the passengers were evacuated from China (Wuhan), there were chances that they might have been exposed to the virus.

The main reason behind the spread of coronavirus is the illegal trading of wildlife in the seafood markets of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei. All kinds of wildlife animals such as Porcupines and Ostriches were traded in the Huanan Seafood Market.  Maximum deaths and cases of infection from this deadly disease have been reported from the Hubei province. Following recent developments, criminal charges will be levied on individuals who are deliberately trying to spread the infection among people by spitting on them. Suspected patients who refuse to seek treatment or get monitored may also face charges.

No specific antidote or medicine has been discovered yet for curing Coronavirus. Maximum cases have been reported to originate from Wuhan, further spreading to other countries through person-to-person contact. The virus can lead to acute symptoms such as fever, cold, cough, and respiratory issues, but severe symptoms if not treated properly can take a toll on health and lead to death.

According to reports by the experts at Norvergence LLC, The elderly are more at risk of acquiring the illness. Also, people dealing with any pre-existent illnesses are at a major risk of getting infected by the disease. Those who have been diagnosed with the infection at the airports have been kept under observation. The symptoms will be critically administered and the patients will be given full medical assistance for quick recovery.

Critical medical examination steps are a must for anybody who has traveled from China as the disease is contagious. The experts at Norvergence reported that any passenger with the signs and symptoms of coronavirus i.e. cough, cold, and fever were diagnosed for a total of 28 days by medical experts and were referred to hospitals in close proximity for urgent medical care.