As per a detailed analysis by the experts at Norvergence, it has been estimated that approximately, one-half a billion mammals have been seriously injured in the devastating Australian bushfires. The inferno has swamped homes and has set entire towns ablaze. Around 18 million acres of land including parks, forests, and bush lands has been burned which was once a habitat for unique wildlife mammals.

The death toll has risen to 1 billion for mammals. The figure does not include frogs, insects, and bats. This reflects that the estimated figure could take an even bigger leap. Reports by Norvergence LLC experts reflect that fires in Australia are a common phenomenon. But over the past few decades, the intensity of these fires has been worsening.

The main triggering culprit behind the Australian bushfires is the drastic fluctuation in the weather conditions and the increase in the severity of the heat waves. Another contributing factor is droughts. In combination with intense heat waves, the undergrowth potentially dries out sparking the risk of causing a bushfire. The scientists at Norvergence conclude that the bushfires could worsen if steps are not taken to control the disaster.