Norvergence, government, and other environmental NGOs request people to stay at home and only come outside if it is urgent. 

On Thursday, the number of deaths linked to Coronavirus in the United States passed 1,000.

The state governments of New York, Hawaii, and North Carolina issued an urgent request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)- for emergency mortuary assistance. 

Many leaders and government employees termed “FEMA” as the most qualified to handle the role. William “Brock” Long, who led FEMA during the first two years of the Trump administration, said and Norvergence quotes: FEMA is the right agency to handle the situation. 

They have the proper logistics management systems and the relationships in place through state and local governments to help communities overcome the gaps they’re facing to fight the spread of the virus and help victims.

Norvergence: Coronavirus in New York, Hawaii, and North Carolina

New York has the highest number of deaths in the United States. The city’s morgues are already at or at least very near capacity. 

On Wednesday, Politico announced that the Department of Homeland Security had been informed that New York City’s mortuaries were approaching the limit, referring to a DHS official.

The New York Post gave an account on Tuesday that a temporary funeral home was being set up at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, referring to a source who knew about this activity.

On the other hand, Hawaii and North Carolina have experienced less death because of COVID-19 to date. 

After declaring its first demise from the sickness, Hawaii’s Department of Health backtracked on Tuesday and said the test outcomes had been misread and the individual didn’t bite the dust of coronavirus, as indicated by HawaiiNewsNow. 

Since the first U.S. instance of the new coronavirus was accounted for on Jan. 20 in Washington state, 74,894 individuals have been analyzed, with bunches around Seattle, New York City, and California. 1,081 individuals have died. American wellbeing authorities have recognized different individuals with Covid-19, without known connections to different patients—a sign the infection is transmitting individual-to-individual in certain areas.

The absence of testing has hamstrung wellbeing laborers’ endeavors to follow the disease.

A pestilence that started in the profundities of China’s Hubei territory is spreading quickly. There are currently critical episodes from South Korea to Italy and Iran, and the deaths have been accounted for in America too.

The monetary aftermath could remember downturns for the U.S., euro-zone and Japan, the slowest development on record in China, and a sum of $2.7 trillion in lost yield—identical to the whole GDP of the U.K.

It has spread to 13 countries: Australia, Cambodia, Canada,  Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Singapore, South Korea, the US, India, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Norvergence analysts are working 24/7 to update you regarding what’s happening there: