Norvergence: Once an Australian Sniper, Now fighting to defend endangered wildlife from getting killed

Source – Vegan Magazine Norvergence continuously supports people who take a stand against animal cruelty. In this blog post, environmentalists at Norvergence want to share a story of an Australian combat veteran Damien Mander. After returning from Middle-East, Mander decided Read More

Norvergence – Have you seen the giant floating machine that cleaned up the great pacific garbage patch

Source: Business Insider Norvergence wants to congratulate the dutch inventor and engineer, “Boyan Slat” who invented the floating machine that helps in cleaning up the plastic from the ocean. Slat said and Norvergence quotes: “After beginning this journey seven years Read More

Norvergence – Elton John, Elsa Pataky, and Chris Hemsworth Fund $1Million to Australia’s Fire Fighting Efforts

Source – The New York Times Norvergence is continuously focusing on all the latest updates on the Australian Bush Fires that killed almost 1 billion animals. Superstar Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and Elton John are likely to donate Read More

Death Toll Raises To One Billion in the Australian Bushfire-By Norvergence LLC

As per a detailed analysis by the experts at Norvergence, it has been estimated that approximately, one-half a billion mammals have been seriously injured in the devastating Australian bushfires. The inferno has swamped homes and has set entire towns ablaze. Read More