Norvergence Foundation INC: Global Warming and Health Issues Related to it

Norvergence: Medical issues attached to environmental change are generally deteriorating, as indicated by two reports distributed this week.  The yearly reports charged by the medical journal Lancet followed 44 worldwide health indicators associated with environmental change, including heat passings, irresistible illnesses Read More

Norvergence: The deadly relationship of Global Warming & Hurricanes

Norvergence: Hurricane Ida increased, for the time being, turning into a Category 4 tempest throughout only a couple of hours. The fast expansion in strength raises issues regarding how much environmental change is influencing typhoons in the Atlantic Ocean.  While analysts Read More

Norvergence Foundation INC: Satellite Data May Have Underestimated Global Warming

Norvergence Foundation INC: Further research on climate-tracking satellites recommends that our measures have likely been depreciating the warming of the troposphere (the deepest region of the atmosphere) during the last four decades, which could symbolise the global warming that has Read More

Norvergence – Have you seen the giant floating machine that cleaned up the great pacific garbage patch

Source: Business Insider Norvergence wants to congratulate the dutch inventor and engineer, “Boyan Slat” who invented the floating machine that helps in cleaning up the plastic from the ocean. Slat said and Norvergence quotes: “After beginning this journey seven years Read More