Norvergence – 100 kg of Plastic Waste in Whale’s Stomach

Norvergence has been continuously trying to aware people regarding climate change and water pollution as its effect on animals are worse and intolerable.

Recently, a young male sperm whale has washed up dead on the Seilbost beach in Scotland. Researchers have found more than 100 kg of plastic and marine debris such as fishing nets, ropes, bags, gloves, nets, etc, in its stomach.

Norvergence - Plastic Waste in Whale’s Stomach

On Sunday, the same researchers have put this news on Facebook and wrote (Norvergence’s social media team checked and verified it):  “This amount of plastic in the stomach is nonetheless horrific, must have compromised digestion, and serves to demonstrate, yet again, the hazards that marine litter and lost or discarded fishing gear can cause to marine life.

This whale had debris in its stomach which seemed to have originated from both the land and fishing sectors, and could have been swallowed at any point between Norway and the Azores.

We are looking in more detail to see if we can work out quite why this animal ended up with so much of it in its stomach.”

Many Facebook users commented on this post and said the following things:  It was a sad and horrifying experience to witness. The SMASS team couldn’t have been more respectful to the animal and inclusive to those of us who watched them work. A sobering sight indeed and yet another needless death!”

Norvergence - Plastic Waste in Whale’s Stomach 1

No matter how much we change our life style now, there will be rubbish in the ocean for many years to come from past generations. How can we clean up the deep abyss where marine life goes and we cannot? Man has a lot to answer for.

Norvergence appeals, “Make sure that you are not polluting oceans and whenever you walk on beaches, carry a plastic bag to pick up litter.


Norvergence – 21st Century Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility

Norvergence, an environmental agency believes that: “What’s necessary nowadays is the constant readjustment between our environment and the corporate world.”

Can a business world exist with ill consumers and an unhealthy environment? If not, then why various entrepreneurs are still playing on the grounds of Milton Friedman’s theory on corporate social responsibility. It was published in The New York Times Magazine on September 13, 1970, and it states:

“There is one and only one social responsibility of business to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays in the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition, without deception or fraud.”

Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility

We all know that the environment, i.e. animals, plants, air, trees, rivers, lakes, water, and mountain, micro-organism, etc is adversely affected by technological advancement driven by various corporate houses. The environmentalists at Norvergence pulled these areas into mainstream media from the darkness.

Day-by-day, the capability of the environment to sustain the impact of economic development is decreasing at an unprecedented rate.

There is no doubt that industrialization has raised a serious threat to the environment including vegetation, human beings, and animals.

The increasing anger of public and governments against corporate houses that are affecting the environment in both direct and direct ways has led to the rise of “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”. The theory not only touches one area (environment) but it also evolved around other important human aspects.

The term first came in 1970 and generally explains the concept of companies integrating social and environmental concerns in their day-to-day operations or on a voluntary basis. Following Norvergence has clearly explained its 5 dimensions:

Five Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social: This dimension of corporate social responsibility involves the idea that you should use your business to benefit society as well, in any format. It covers all the areas that come under the relationship between your business and society. Norvergence has experts in its office that guide people in this specific area.

Environment: It refers to how your business or any business practices affect the environment again in any form. Further, what policies you opt for that give benefit to the environment or protect it. For example, some companies use recycled materials for various business operations.

Economic: It covers the financial aspects or how CSR put an effect on the financial part of your company.

Stakeholder: It refers to how your actions are affecting stakeholders (employees, suppliers, and the public). For example: for more productivity, you might increase your working hours but at the same time, you have to consider the impact of it on your employees.

Voluntariness: The areas or actions under it are not prescribed by law but it is based on the ethical values that your company holds.

Many environmental organizations like Norvergence collaborate with various corporate houses to execute these actions.

The obligations and dimensions can be summarized in the following 9 points:

  1. Improving the quality of life
  2. Economic development
  3. Transparency & accountability
  4. Human rights
  5. Law-abiding
  6. Ethical business practices
  7. Protection of environment
  8. Stakeholders’ improvement
  9. Obligation to society


In today’s times, the knowledge, perception, and evaluation of CSR are very important. Corporate houses should understand their basic social and environmental responsibilities. It is hoped that this article would solidify the notion that protecting the environment or ecosystem comes under the moral ethics of everyone including corporate houses.


Norvergence – The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The team Norvergence conducts research on issues that are related to environment and health problems caused by environmental degradation or human actions. One such incident happened years back in Bhopal but its effect can be seen today also. Where not just the environment was filled with toxic gases but each human living in and around Bhopal suffered.


Bhopal is known for its various natural and artificial lakes but there is one incident has added to its identity. The incident is none other than “The Bhopal Gas Tragedy” whereas as per records 3,787 people were killed due to the leakage of 40 tonnes of methyl isocyanate gas and other chemicals from the Union Carbide factory.

The Bhopal gas disaster happened around 11:00 PM on 2nd December 1984.  The Union Carbide Corporation was asked by the Indian Government to build a plant for the manufacture of Sevin. Bhopal was selected for the plant set up by the company because of the factors like the proper access to transport infrastructure and the central location.

There was a decline in pesticide purchase as in the 1980s the crop failure famine in the subcontinent led to farmer’s incapability to buy pesticides. The company suffered loss and decided to sell the plant but no one came up for the purchase and the company was at risk.

As per the previous statements recorded about the incident they display a different picture. The reports state that the company did not paid much attention to the maintenance of the plant and on the day the incident took place the leakage was noticed by the workers in the plant but no immediate action was taken.

The safety system of the company was totally unable to cope with anything unfortunate happen during the night time. There were many other factors that contributed to the safety failure of the company and led to this disaster.


At that time there were only two government hospitals in Bhopal and there were more than 5000 people coming in with complaints like dizziness, breathlessness, skin irritation and rashes, some others complained of sudden blindness. The doctors at first could not detect the cause of this sudden illness and they were not even aware of the reaction of the MIC gas. Everyone was suffering even the doctors but there was no solution found for the suffering.

The gas caused internal hemorrhage, pneumonia, and death. The health effects of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy can still be seen as a permanent disability in the new generation. The environmentalist at Norvergence thinks it mandatory to keep talking about such incidents to keep reminding everyone what happens when you don’t pay attention to safety measures.


Norvergence – Amazon Rainforest and the Cause of Wildfire

The team Norvergence is working with its volunteers to protect the environment from the effects of global warming and climate change has now conducted research on the Amazon forest so that they can come up with a solution to protect it.

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s biggest rainforest and is estimated to have 16,000 tree species with more than 390 billion individual trees. There are many pieces of research done on this forest and even after the recent fire breakdown from 15th August to 22nd August 2019 there were many reports published related to the wildfire and the causes of the fire.

The research report of the researchers at Norvergence shows a connection between the controversial highway build which destroyed the forest to some extent. The also supports the other reports that point towards the agricultural activities of the area that has caused damage to the forest.

Whereas the number of causes that contributed to the wildfires in the Amazon forest are human activities, especially clearing land for farming.

The other events that support forest damage as a result of human activity are :

  • The controversial Amazon Terminal which talks about the highway built by two main Brazilian in order to ease the export of soybeans and grains destroyed the forest to some extent.
  • The other big issues point as the cause of the destruction of the Amazon forest are the agricultural activities promoted by the president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Norvergence_The Connection between Jair Bolsanaro and Blackstone

The article published by Norvergence discusses the details about the above-mentioned causes. The team feels it’s time for international organizations to look into the matter and take charge to protect the forest from future destruction.

Norvergence LLC – Is Climate Change related to Tree Plantation?

Tree plantation is an activity that is done by the majority of people across the world to contribute towards a greener and cleaner environment. Whereas NGOs like Norvergence LLC are also organizing activities that are related to tree plantation with an aim to encourage people to contribute towards protecting the environment from the effects of global warming and climate change.

But the fact here is that you can’t just plant billions of trees to stop climate change as it is not the only solution for climate change. You need to know a few facts before you plan a tree plantation activity:

  • You should know how much carbon trees can trap and be sure of the fertility level of the soil.
  • As a fact trees can observe as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per day and can sequester one ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years of age.
  • Planting trees is only fruitful if you make sure that they survive and don’t just do it for the sake of doing it.
  • Tree plantation helps in cleaning the atmosphere hence it should not be considered the first priority.
  • The first priority should be to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible


Planting trees is an environmentally friendly activity that does contribute to a cleaner environment. The only concern here is that you should have proper knowledge and research done before you plan such activities. The researchers at Norvergence have pointed towards the issue of fake registration of tree plantation drives of publicity and government benefits.

The other dark side of the plantation drive is that we have started neglecting the root cause of climate change that is “greenhouse gas emission” as no major action is taken against it.

Norvergence – Climate Change and The Untold Suffering We All Need to Deal With

Norvergence is an NGO working with its volunteers all across the world to protect the environment and the lives on earth from the dangerous effects of climate change. Recently the team has started working on the health issues that are caused due to climatic change and global warming. Problems like mental illness and brain health were the main focus but the research shows a number of environmental elements that are causing health issues, especially among children and pregnant women.


The world is well aware of climate change issues and about the number of actions taken by the government, environments and the people across the world to protect the depleting environment and its species. Another alarming issue that is in the limelight and is directly connected to climate change is an increasing number of health problems caused by the changes occurring in the atmosphere.

The researchers at Norvergence said that there are many health issues that are caused by the changing environment. The atmosphere is getting hotter day by day making it difficult for everyone to adapt.

Below are some listed Climatic Change issues and the alarming health conduction:

  • As the atmosphere is getting hotter day by day due to global warming and frequent change in the climate people need to face exposure to extreme heat. This heat can lead to heatstroke, dehydration, cardiovascular, respiratory and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • The climate change is impacting the air quality too. Warmer temperatures and shifting weather patterns have contributed to the bad quality of air to breathe. The health issues like asthma attacks, heart, and lung diseases have been reported to be common among people living in areas with polluted air and other respiratory cardiovascular health effects are also reported.
  • Rising carbon dioxide levels and high temperatures also affect airborne allergens such as ragweed pollen.
  • Climate change is increasing the risk of contracting dengue, transmit malaria, Lyme disease, and West Nile virus transmitted by mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus.
  • Climate change has shown a variety of impacts on food and might increase the risk of exposure to chemical contaminants in food.
  • As per experts, the one suffering from pre-existing mental illness has to take precautions as in such cases the risk of death during heat waves triples.
  • Higher temperatures and the depletion of the ozone layer has increased the risk of skin disease, especially skin cancer.
  • Digestive illnesses like gastrointestinal problems caused by contaminated drinking water due to extreme rains.
  • Extreme heat is also linked to aggression and violence forcing people to migrate.
  • Climate change effects are clearly visible on agriculture, wildlife, and marine life which directly or indirectly are connected with the health issues reported in humans.

The environmentalist at Norvergence says that it’s important to talk about the health issues that are caused by climate change to make people aware and alert about the circumstance they need to face in the future.

Norvergence – Impact of Climate Change and Environmental Risk Factors on Brain Health

The team Norvergence is currently working on a climate change issue that emphasizes the impact that climate change has shown on the human brain. Recently, the XXIV World Congress of Neurology was held in Dubai and more than 4000 neurologists and specialists from 126 countries attended it. The experts brought into notice their research and theories about the impact that can be seen on the human brain as a result of climate change and the other environmental risks.

The reports show that air pollution is associated with the reported higher incidence of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological disorders. The expanded research talks about climate change and mental health that includes increasing evidence as to the extreme weather events those are more frequent, intense, and complex as per the changing environment that can trigger the following health issues:

  • Post-Traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)
  • Major depressive disorder (MDD)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Complicated Grief
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Recovery Fatigue
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicidal Ideation

Small particles from air pollution and occupational exposure can lead to:

  • Inflammation
  • Oxidative stress cellular damage

The condition of oxidative stress cellular damage is a consequence of high levels of oxidant molecules and the degeneration of nerve cells. The experts also pointed towards the brain health of children which is being affected by the toxic pollutants in the air which might result in delayed cognitive development or can show links to autism.

The neurologists say that they need to get a more comprehensive understanding of the role the environment plays on the nervous system and diseases related to the brain. The efforts are in the right direction and the focus is to identify the extreme effects that climate change can have on the human brain. The scientists across the world and the researchers have also taken this point related to brain health into consideration and have started working on gaining a clear insight into this raised issue.

The researchers at Norvergence are coordinating with some neurologists to gain more information about the effects on the human brain and what is the main reason behind it. Reasons like industrial pollutants and car emissions are said to be the leading cause of increasing brain health issues, especially among children. Efforts should be made by each one of us to reduce air pollution and demand strict action from the government whenever required.


Norvergence – What is Climate Change for You?

The team Norvergence is an NGO that is continuously putting in efforts towards environment protection and reducing the effects of climate change. The main focus of this NGO is to spread awareness about climate change and global warming. The members of the NGO believe that they need to come up with more sustainable ideas that can be shared with the world so that each one of you can contribute towards protecting the environment.

The other best method which team norvergence follows is interaction with people of all age groups and to know what climate change means to them and what they think can be done to reduce it. In this way, the team collects information related to the level of awareness among the society and sometimes these interactions become the medium to reach out to the areas affected by climate change or climatic issues that are still unknown.


Recently, the Norvergence team conducted interviews with tourists at different places around the world emphasizing on two major questions:

The volunteers were assigned a task to interview different people, especially tourists and record their views about climate change in their own country v/s the country they are currently in. Other questions like what do you do to contribute towards the sustainable word and what steps are taken by the government of your country were considered important information to be gathered.

The reason behind the interview session was to get new ideas about sustainable practices and share a few with the interviewee. The team was glad to know that each person interviewed was aware of climate change issues and were contributing their bit to make the world a sustainable one.

norvergence global

Activities like carrying a bag while traveling to dump the waste, carrying a shopping bag for shopping to avoid the plastic carry bags provided by the shopkeepers, promoting environmentally friendly agriculture methods, water harvesting, and preferring digital receipts from shopkeepers are some baby steps which were shared by the interviewees with the team.

Whereas the norvergence team shared their experience with the interviewees and also shared with them their reasons to join the NGO and why did they plan this interview activity to spread awareness.

The researchers at norvergence have brought in a new topic of interest for the team to feel motivated. After going through all the interviews recorded the researchers were proud to conclude that awareness activities were the most productive activity performed by the team.

Greta Thunberg, the environmental activist was another name that motivated the youth to plan better tomorrow by contributing today in creating a sustainable world.

Overall the interviews resulted in good quality of information and the team gather relevant data to work on the next project related to climate change. The norvergence team across different corners of the world listed down the climatic issues that they believe are important to be considered after the interview session. Some team members came up with ideas that can be implemented in day to day life of an individual so that we all can contribute towards sustainability.


Norvergence – The Relation between Saudi Arabia Oil Attacks and Greenhouse Gases

Norvergence believes that it’s important to reveal the relation between greenhouse gases and Saudi Aramco. September 14, 2019, the date has been already written in the dark history of Saudi Arabia. The country that was considered one of the safest in the Middle East has been attacked by a drone resulting in a series of explosions.

The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Yemeni Houthi Movement whereas the other researchers of Norvergence have conducted research and found that a Qatar-linked website “Middle East Eye” claimed that the attack was carried out by Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi.


The attacked oil field, Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest corporate emitter of greenhouse gasses and it has already released more than 40 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases.

The article named “Saudi Aramco is the World’s Largest Emitter of Greenhouse Gases” talks more about the issues of greenhouse gases and why Saudi Aramco considered the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Norvergence – Countries that Promote Eco-Friendly Activities

Global warming and climatic change have created a need to protect the environment and its resources from depleting. Each country across the world is doing its bit to protect nature and natural resources.

Team Norvergence believes that it’s not just the government and the environmental activists who are responsible for the protection of the depleting mother earth. Each one of us is responsible and has the potential as an individual and as a country to come up with little efforts and ideas to protect the environment.

The Norvergence team is also working on the same environmental issues and has presented a report listing down the 5 eco-friendly countries that spread the message of sustainability.