Norvergence is a movement that inspires people across all ages to contribute towards a greener society. The main focus of the Norvergence team is to spread awareness and educate people regarding environmental issues.

The team Norvergence constitutes of environmentalists who work with governments, schools, NGOs, religious groups in an order to conserve natural resources.

The team Norvergence is working day/night to make a difference so that we can better serve our planet.

Norvergence guides the locals about the sustainable activities they can perform in day-to-day life to contribute towards  Eco-friendly environment.


The environmentalists at Norvergence believe that we all have united for one common cause that is “ to raise voice against climate change and global warming.” Environmentalists from different parts of the world collaborate with Norvergence through both direct & indirect ways and contribute their knowledge in an order to conserve the ecosystem.

They also monitor various activities that are going in favor of and against the environment. Each activity that is related to the cause of climate change or global warming is taken care of till it gets resolved or any official action is taken against it.

Our NGO also works for the people and wildlife who have become the victims of disasters/damage caused by climate change and global warming. Recently, the environmentalist at Norvergence, “George Stacey” has written a blog post on environmentalists that are being killed globally. What we found that in the span of the last few years, around 500 environmentalists were assassinated.

Aims and Objectives of Norvergence are:

  • To spread awareness about environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, melting of ice, etc.
  • To publish books, journals, articles, newsletters, etc, to promote scientific methodologies in matters related to the environment.
  • To create energy management programs flexible so that every organization can adopt it easily.
  • If necessary, acts as a mediator between indigenous people and government for the smooth communication process.
  • To motivate people to take actions and achieve measurable goals.
  • To conserve biodiversity and to focus on the recovery of the ecosystem, material recycling, and human health.
  • To eliminate all types of social, ethnic, gender, regional, and economic inequality.