Norvergence – The Relation between Saudi Arabia Oil Attacks and Greenhouse Gases

Norvergence believes that it’s important to reveal the relation between greenhouse gases and Saudi Aramco. September 14, 2019, the date has been already written in the dark history of Saudi Arabia. The country that was considered one of the safest in the Middle East has been attacked by a drone resulting in a series of explosions.

The responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Yemeni Houthi Movement whereas the other researchers of Norvergence have conducted research and found that a Qatar-linked website “Middle East Eye” claimed that the attack was carried out by Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi.


The attacked oil field, Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest corporate emitter of greenhouse gasses and it has already released more than 40 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases.

The article named “Saudi Aramco is the World’s Largest Emitter of Greenhouse Gases” talks more about the issues of greenhouse gases and why Saudi Aramco considered the largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

Norvergence – Countries that Promote Eco-Friendly Activities

Global warming and climatic change have created a need to protect the environment and its resources from depleting. Each country across the world is doing its bit to protect nature and natural resources.

Team Norvergence believes that it’s not just the government and the environmental activists who are responsible for the protection of the depleting mother earth. Each one of us is responsible and has the potential as an individual and as a country to come up with little efforts and ideas to protect the environment.

The Norvergence team is also working on the same environmental issues and has presented a report listing down the 5 eco-friendly countries that spread the message of sustainability.

Norvergence: Top 5 Environmental NGOs

Environmentalists at Norvergence believe that the people are too busy in development and innovation that they have no time to analyze the impact of their activities on the environment. Environmental issues like climate change, global warming, pollution, depletion of natural resources, etc are some keen areas that demand urgent actions from mankind.

Yes, there is a certain section of people and environmental NGOs like Norvergence that are working really hard to protect our ecosystem.

norvergence global warming

Today we have 1000+ NGOs working for different causes including environmental issues. With the agenda of making the earth a better place to live we have listed down some top NGOs working for environmental protection:

Conservation International (CI)

The NGO works for protecting nature from climatic change, conserving oceans, promotes nature-based development and innovation in science and finance.

Conservation International works to secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

NRDC is an NGO founded in 1970 by a group of law students. The group consists of some 600 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates across the globe working as online activists to protect the right of all people to the air, the water, and the wild.


Founded in 1971, Greenpeace aims at a greener, more peaceful world. They confront the system that threatens the environment by using non-violent creative actions.

Fauna and Flora International

Fauna and Flora International are working in more than 40 countries across the world. The focus is on protecting biodiversity which helps in a healthy ecosystem. They have more than 321 supporting partners including government, universities, business, and other local NGOs.


Norvergence is an NGO aiming at a sustainable ecosystem by working on issues like climate change and global warming. The team Norvergence is a voluntary group of people who are willingly working for the welfare of society, spreading awareness about the environmental issues, and taking action for the protection of the earth and its natural resources.