Norvergence: Economies will be Shaken up due to Climate Change

Climate change has shown its impact on almost every corner of the world. The environmentalist at Novergence are regularly conducting research on climate change and have come up with another research report indicating some major climatic change with some visible impacts.

The team Norvergence conducted in-depth research to determine the impacts of climatic change on different countries and continents like the USA, China, Africa, Australia, and Europe.

Through its impeccable research, Norvergence has once again shaken up various environmental websites with the following article. Environmentalists at Norvergence after visiting each country individually curated this report.

To know more about the report related to climatic change and its impact on the above-mentioned countries and continents read the full article on “Economic impacts of climate change by Norvergence.”

Norvergence: Sir David Attenborough Predicts Collapse and Extinction of Civilization

Norvergence continuously keeps an eye on what leaders, historians, and environmentalists are saying about climate change, global warming, and other environmental issues. At the UN climate change summit, Sir David Attenborough has given a statement regarding climate change. According to him, “Climate change is our greatest threat in thousands of years and if we don’t take the required action, the collapse of our civilization is on the horizon.”

Source: USA Today

As Norvergence reported earlier also that the meeting of the UN members was called so that the world leaders can talk about the real ways by which they can turn their pledges (which were taken at the 2015 Paris Climate summit) into reality.

Sir David Attenborough is a historian and a former senior manager at the BBC. The team of environmentalists at Norvergence has also written and aware people about his nine natural history documentary series.

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Source: Guardian News

Attenborough is the older brother of John Attenborough who is a financial advisor and motor executive and the younger brother of the legendary filmmaker Late Mr. Richard Attenborough.

Norvergence wants its readers to educate themselves about Sir David Attenborough and his work.

Norvergence wants its readers to educate themselves about Sir David Attenborough and his work.

Norvergence: More than 500 Environmentalists Murdered in the Span of Last 10 Years

Don’t feel sad after reading the title, get up and take a stand in favor of environmentalists who are fighting for all of us. Norvergence, a social initiative taken by a group of environmentalists request all of you to show your support and ask the government why they are not been able to protect environmentalists?

Norvergence in its article reported that only in 2012, around 147 environmentalists were killed. The situation got worse in 2017 when almost 2017 environmentalists murdered.

The team Norvergence has highlighted a few incidents in the article mentioned below that clearly shows the struggle and suffering the environmentalists have gone through to protect the environment. The highlighted incidents are from areas near Latin America, Asia, and Russia.

  You can read the article published by Norvergence titled “Environmental Activists Being Killed Globally: Why are World Leaders still silent?” to know more about the environmental activists and there painful fight to protect the mother earth.