Norvergence – We are heading towards Marine Extinction

Water pollution is no longer a term that people are unaware about. The causes and impacts are now seen in books and banners all around the world. The need to protect the oceans and the marine life is a topic of concern.

The Norvergence team has visually described the impact on marine animals due to human activities. The efforts are made to connect with the viewer emotionally and logically to spread awareness and to make it easy for the viewer of any age group to understand and react to this issue.

The video perfectly describes how marine animals are suffering from our ill deeds. Norvergence appeals to all the people to stop throwing plastic at beaches.

Check this video made by Norvergence team:

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Norvergence: Throws a Light on Earth Summit 2002 which we all forgot

Today, Norvergence will remind you about the famous “World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg-2002”.

The summit included a vast number of delegates from different countries, environmental organizations, citizen groups, and justice associations. Norvergence also made a list of the areas that were addressed and discussed at that summit:

  • Globalization
  • Cleaner Energy
  • Water quality
  • Oceans and Fisheries
  • Tourism
  • Technology

The main aim of the summit was to make a global commitment to promote sustainable development. Countries should ensure that the development which comes at the price of natural resources should not exceed a predefined limit.
Image Source: IISD Reporting Services

Norvergence Summarized the Outcomes of the Summit

Many governments agreed to adopt energy sources that are not harmful to nature. On the other hand, Oil producing and exporting countries (OPEC) and the United States opposed the “green sources” due to their personal issues.

Overall, even after 17 years of the summit, we are still not 100 percent committed towards sustainable development. Norvergence hopes that every individual understands his/her responsibility and take suitable actions wherever possible.