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Norvergence LLC - A voice against Climate Change and Global Warming

We don’t need leaders to wake us up; we are self-aware enough to lead ourselves towards a sustainable society. Norvergence LLC is a journey of every individual to build a better ecosystem for themselves and for upcoming generations.

We at Norvergence bring the hardcore facts about climate change, global warming, melting of sea ice, etc, into the mainstream and educate the public regarding it. It promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle and also shares ideas on how to repurpose or reuse old things. The mission is to broaden the environmental knowledge worldwide in an order to build a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

With online resources and various programs, Norvergence collaborates with various organizations, private sectors, educational institutions, and tribal people to create unique environmental solutions. The team behind Norvergence includes environmental scientists and various experts that have abundant knowledge and zeal to protect nature no matter what.

In the website, you will find the world’s worst environmental abuses that are driven by the exploitation of resources and how the Norvergence team has taken actions to expose them.

Norvergence LLC Approach - Investigate, connect, and Act

The team Norvergence LLC works for the betterment of the environment with its strategy to first investigate the environmental issue followed by connecting to the cause and finally taking action regarding it.

Investigate: Visiting the areas where the exploitation of resources is happening. Further, investigate their root causes and people who are responsible for it.

Connect: Collaborate with communities that get affected by exploitation. Bring the volunteers or environmentalists together for protection and spreading more awareness about it.

Act: Talk with the government for the same. Take actions like writing and spreading more about it and protesting against it (if necessary).

This website is an open platform for people who want to connect and contribute to the good cause of protecting nature and for the ones who want to raise a voice against the depletion of earth and its resources due to human activities.


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Norvergence – The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The team Norvergence conducts research on issues that are related to environment and health problems caused by environmental degradation or human actions. One such incident happened years back in Bhopal but its effect can be seen today also. Where not

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  • Norvergence: The Bhopal Gas Tragedy Facts and Effects December 3, 2019
    The Bhopal gas tragedy that killed at least 3,787 people resulted from an operational error, design flaws, maintenance failures, training deficiencies, and economic measures that endangered safety. The researchers at Norvergence agree with the reports published by different researchers pointing towards the negligence of the management of the company. The company was built hastily and […]
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    Tree plantation is always considered as an activity that supports fighting climate change issues. Almost every social group or NGO once has planned a tree plantation drive to fight climate change issues. But the question is tree plantation the first priority when it comes to climate change? The team Norvergence is also working on the […]
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    Credit: UN by Rabiya Jaffery (abu dhabi, uae) Monday, October 28, 2019 Inter Press Service Abu Dhabi, UAE, Oct 28 (IPS) – Rabiya Jaffery is a freelance journalist covering climate, conflicts, and culture-related stories from the Middle East and South Asia.Nearly 50 million people in west Africa rely on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood […]
  • Norvergence – The Views About Climate Change October 22, 2019
    Norvergence is an NGO working for environment protection and fighting for issues like climate change, global warming, and other issues like health, disaster, and disease-related to climate change. Recently the team Norvergence conducted interviews with the locals and tourists in areas that are most affected by climate change. The aim of this activity was not […]
  • Norvergence: how global warming and climate change affect health October 14, 2019
    As per the current situation, Global warming and Climate change are in worst conditions. These bad environmental conditions are increasing the risk of future sustainability. Norvergence team has listed some global warming and climate change effects that are affecting our health badly. Climate change and Global warming Effects will vary by gender, age, geography, and […]
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    We are a team of social activists and environmentalists that working towards in making a better future. We at Norvergence always tries to educate people about the current environmental conditions and request them to raise voice against the environmental pollution. Recently, the team Norvergence that is on the mission to aware people about climate change […]
  • Norvergence: general population’s opinion regarding climate change and global warming October 4, 2019
    The team Norvergence has traveled to different parts of the world in an order to know the general population’s opinion regarding climate change, global warming, etc. Check out the following photos: Environmentalists at Norvergence talked with citizens of Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Malawi, etc. Keep supporting us: